Dear friends: We are now celebrating the Nativity of our Savior and how he came into the world to save us and to bring us to the Father. The beauty of his birth is that though he is God, he is born to us in a; with Mary and Joseph who together make up the Holy Family of Nazareth. This is precisely what we are celebrating this weekend in the Church, the feast of the Holy Family calling all families, each member of the family to look on the Holy Family and see the very love and the mercy of our God manifested in the Child Jesus who is the Savior of the world.

This is the Year of Mercy and we here at Saint Margaret are very fortunate to celebrate this year in a very special way because of the Holy Door that constantly challenges us to enter through the Door of Mercy into the arms of our Father in heaven. The mercy that Jesus has shown to us in the scriptures is the very face of our God. His preaching, the mira.cles, his forgiveness and his constant call to repen.tance are signs of the great mercy the Lord has for us. It is precisely this mercy that we are called to live daily in our lives and in our communion with others.

We need to bring and to make present God’s mercy in our families. If we want our fami.lies also to be sacred, we need to begin by ex.periencing his mercy and becoming merciful to one another. The mercy that Jesus has revealed to us from his and our Father is a mercy that embod.ies the compassion, the understanding, the forgive.ness, the tenderness and of course the love of God.
We need as a family and individually to contemplate the mercy in the Family of Nazareth, who understood the will of God and gave themselves to the worship and praise of our God. During this Year of Mercy is important that parents be merciful to their kids, teaching them the meaning of God’s love and compassion for them.

This mercy must be practiced by their good com.munication, respect, faithfulness and of course being spiritual by praying and going to Mass on Sundays. The children should also exercise the mercy of God by re.specting and honoring their parents at all times. There is no greater way to show your parents your love for them than by also being merciful to them with your obedience
and of them.
Let us pray that the family together will seek the mercy of God at all times so that throughout the year the fami.lies of our par.ish will grow in holiness of life by experiencing the very mercy of the Father.

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